Travel to Aalborg in Denmark

Discover the beautiful city of Aalborg in Denmark

Every year, thousands of tourists make their way to the fourth-largest city of Denmark. The winding cobbled streets and well preserved buildings create a wonderful atmosphere and are a sight to see. It is almost possible to walk through time here - to be engulfed in ancient history and slowly come back to more modern masterpieces. It is truly a wonderful experience. However, Aalborg has even more to offer.

Aalborg is over a hundred years old and it originally began life as a trading post. It had a good position on the Limfjord and the people who lived here prospered. There are still settlement ruins and burial sites which can be seen on the hill overlooking the city. If you were to take a "tour through time", this is where you would most likely start. The Viking ancestry of the Danes is very intriguing and the ruins here and in other places all add to the special atmosphere they create. A few hundred years on will take you to the cathedral church of Skt. Budolfi as well as the Monastry of the Holy Ghost. Both buildings were constructed sometime in the 15th century. Also very old and graceful is the castle Aalborghus Slot which was built in 1539. The castle is incredibly beautiful. The 17th century saw the erection of Jens Bangs Stenhus and Jørgen Olufsens Gård. Some time later the more recent Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, which displays works of art from the last century to present, was constructed. The building makes for an interesting look into the work of leading local artists as well as some other works.

If you tire at looking at these wonderful buildings and sights, you might choose to spend time absorbing some of the cultural side of Aalborg. You will find a variety of museums and galleries to start with. If you are traveling with your children, a stop at Waterland and Tivoliland are a must. The Zoo is also popular amongst younger travelers. As evening approaches you might choose to relax and take in the theatrical talents of the locals. There is a thriving theatre and opera scene. There is also a carnival.

Once you have seen the sights, you might try looking for some mementos at one of the specialty shops or perhaps you can stock up on some other goods at the supermarkets. You could also soak up local culture at restaurants where you can drink wine with a superb meal and perhaps share your table with a local. The local casino is also popular once the sun has set and the night scene comes to life.

Clearly, Aalborg is not just a place for boring historians and locals. It is a place with a richly rewarding culture and heritage. There is plenty of entertainment for young and old and the Danish people are friendly and helpful. Aalborg should be your next stop!


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