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Denmark's cuisine, like that in the other Scandinavian countries, as well as that of northern Germany, its neighbor to the south, is traditionally heavy and rich in fat, being predominated by carbohydrates, meat and fish. This stems from both its agricultural past, as well as its geography and climate cold, long winters.

As in most pre-industrialized civilizations, long winters and a lack of refrigeration meant that foods which could be stored for a long time came to predominate. This helps explains the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in many traditional Danish recipes, and the emphasis placed on seasonally available foods.

A traditional Danish breakfast will generally consist of buttered bread with either sliced cheese or cream cheese or sweet spreads such as strawberry jam and plenty coffee. Bread takes many forms in Denmark, for breakfast it is often white bread, rolls or croissants. A festive breakfast will often call for a shot or two of Gammel Dansk, a Danish stomach bitter. The Danish loves to invite people for a breakfast table that has all sorts of breads and spreads, on special occasions.

Most Danish people work in their lunch hours, which results in taking lunchboxes to work. A Danish lunch usually consists of a few sandwiches with cheese and spreads.

For the Danes dinner is the one meal of the day when the whole family gathers. Due to the pressures of the modern life where unfortunately both parents have to work and kids have to attend school, dinner time is the any time to gather and exchange stories of happenings of the day. Danes enjoy inviting people for dinner, they often have elaborate affairs and serve many courses. They are very punctual, guests are usually invited to come at 06:00 pm for a welcome drink before dinner. A welcome drink will usually be champagne, Kir (champagne with blackcurrant liqueur), or Martini.

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