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Discover the fascinating culture of Denmark

Danish culture is quite hard to define but there are some strong characteristics that can only be attributed to the Danes. As a whole, the Danes are considered to be friendly, outgoing, polite and reserved. They are hard workers but also enjoy their leisure time and they have a very 'developed' sense of etiquette, cleanliness and have good manners. Most of the Danes are quite compassionate and they view equality as being very important.

The Danish people have left a rather notable mark on literature. Shakespeare's character Hamlet, was Danish in origin. Even though only a fictional character, he is known throughout the world and the castle in his play - the Kronborg - is real. Another famous Dane was the fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Known for such world famous stories as 'The Little Mermaid' and 'The Ugly Duckling' this writer's legacy has been passed down from generation to generation through both literature and world of mouth.

Denmark is also famous for a few other things. The fields of astronomy, atomic physics, philosophy, geographical exploration, classical and modern music, art, design and theatre have all seen great advancements made by Danes. Ballet and dance have also seen a lot of Danish talent. If you visit, you will find no shortage of these talents. You can eye architectural masterpieces, see amazing artworks in the many galleries and enjoy a delightful ballet, opera, theatrical performance or jazz concert.

Some more modern Danes have also made a name for themselves in other countries. One example of this is the USA NFL kicker Morten Andersen. René Dif, member of the pop band Aqua is another as is Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame. The actor Viggo Mortensen who played Aragorn in Lord of the Rings and Frank Hopkins in Hidalgo among other movies has become very popular in the USA. It might also be noted that the world famous, incredibly popular children's toy LEGO was invented by the Dane Ole Kirk Christiansen.

Denmark has seen the birth of many Nobel Prize Laureates and this can likely be somewhat attributed to the high standards they choose to hold themselves too. Many Danes reach the peak of success in their chosen field due to their Ernest efforts and hard work. Fortunately for us, it is frowned on in the Danish culture to attempt to elevate oneself above their fellow man so you'll seldom find such a great mind bragging about their exploits in an attempt to gain esteem. Instead you are more likely to find an enjoyable, pleasant, well-educated and friendly person with little hint of the incredible talent that lies below the surface.


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