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Get your fishing gear ready for Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn or "Frederik's harbour" is distinguished for its fishing as well as its fine harbors. A ferry service links Frederikshavn to Norway's Oslo and Larvik as well as Götheborg in Sweden. Before 1818, when it became a merchant town, Frederikshavn was known as Fladstrand ("flat beach"). Frederikshavn's excellent positioning has resulted in it being used as a naval base throughout history. The Germans constructed a fort here in the 17th century. Remnants of the old naval base include the Gunpowder Tower of 1688 as well as the Northern Entrenchment. Today, the Navy Base Frederikshavn houses the Danmark as well as national icebreakers and the Dannebrog, a royal yacht.

Built in the 1500's, Fiskerklygen is noted as Frederikshavn's oldest building. Within a 50 ha woodland area you will come across the grand Bangsbo Manor dating back to 1750. Based here is the Bangsbo Museum. On entering the manor you will uncover the history of Frederikshavn, including a maritime section with models and original figureheads. The incredible EllingÄschiff , is a trading ship from 1163 and can be viewed in the manor's stables. Also examine the collection of carriages and an unusual assortment of jewelry made using human hair. Nearby is the Bangsbo Botanical Gardens with a herb garden as well as a deer park.

The impressive Cloos Tower stands at 58 meters high and offers an amazing view of the landscape. Not far away you will see the Cellars from the Iron Age. Further exploration of the city will lead you to the 1690 Fladstrand Church. The cemetery beside the church contains the graves of soldiers killed during World War Two.

The stunning beaches and lovely country side provide many opportunities for a reflective amble. Several beaches can be visited in the area, each with its own special feel.

Some visitors have enjoyed their stay here so much that they have purchased real estate in Frederikshavn. You can find out about real estate in Frederikshavn online. You may consider car hire in Frederikshavn as it is a perfect springboard for day trips in surrounding area. Hotels in Frederikshavn are of outstanding quality and will simply enhance you stay.

Frederikshavn is a fascinating city famous for its great fish, warm atmosphere and grand historical heritage. A relaxing vacation in Frederikshavn will leave you with a host of wonderful memories.


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