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Explore the city center of Hvidovre

The town of Hvidovre is situated just 10km from the center of Copenhagen. Its name is derived from the Danish word "hvid" meaning white in reference to the white church that stood out in the town. The area in which you find Hvidovre has been inhabited for years. Excavations in the town in 1929 uncovered a sword dating back some 3 500 years to the Bronze age.

Hvidovre is also well-know for the great gun fight that occurred in Hvidovrevej street in May of 1945. This fight between Resistance fighters and the auxiliary police took place just a few days prior to the conclusion of the Second World War.

Hvidovre is also renowned for the soccer team - Hvidovre IF. Famous names such as Michael Laudrup and Peter Scmeichel have played for this team.

A film production camp called Zentropa is located in Hvidovre. Several production companies work from here.

A simple bike ride will take you right into Copenhagen where you can engage in some fabulous shopping and many other activities. Nearby are numerous tourist attractions that you will enjoy visiting.

Glyptoteket is a museum that was established in 1888. In the museum you will be able to view classic artwork such as that of Monet as well as artifacts from various ancient empires. A lovely conservatory is at the Glyptoteket's center.

Amalienborg is a beautiful amalgamation of four palaces around a central square. Frederik V commissioned the construction of the Amalienborg in honour of the House of Oldenborg's 300th anniversary. The four palaces are: Moltkes Palace (considered the loveliest), Levetzaus Palace, Schackske Palace and Brockdorfske Palace. The royal family took up residence here in 1794 after Christiansborg burned down. Amalienborg's architectural splendor is enhanced by the grandiose statue of Frederick V.

Flights to Hvidovre arrive at Copenhagen airport. From there you can use public transport to get to the town of Hvidovre. Car hire in Hvidovre is a good idea if you are planning on exploring the region and visiting some outer-lying towns.

Hvidovre is a perfect springboard into surrounding areas and is itself a lovely little town to stay in.


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