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Explore the city centre of Naestved

Naestved's past is largely based around St. Peter's Church, Denmark's biggest church. Benedictine monks were given the church along with the adjacent land in 1135 so that Saint Peders Monastery could be established. Even though the town may have already been in place, this has been considered the beginning of Naestved.

Gain insight into the past by spending some time at the grand St Peter's Church. Whilst restorations were taking place in the 1880s, paintings from 1375 were uncovered. One such artwork depicts King Vlademar IV and Hedwig (his consort) kneeling by a penitent's stool. Inside you will also observe a crucifix from the 13th century and a choir screen from the 1600s created by Abel Schroder.

Several manors have been built in the surrounding countryside. Gavnø Castle/Manor is situated on the island of Gavnø. Originally a nunnery it later became private property in 1584. During 1755 Otto Thott transformed the estate into a Roccoco mansion. This magnificent manor contains a vast painting collection as well as an impressive library. Also on the property is a church, historic firetruck exhibition and a living tropical butterfly collection. The stunning garden park features seasonal tulips which spring up in all their glory in May.

Naestved's natural environment is a unique combination of hills, lush forest, marshland and cultivated land. Zealand's longest river the Susåen winds its way through the lovely town of Naestved. A wonderful boat trip is offered on the Friheden. The round-trip will take you from the heart of Naevstved through the canal heading to Gavnø Castle. From there you travel to the Karrebæksminde and then back to Naestved. Enjoy outdoor activities along the coast of Smaallandshavet with its sunny beaches, recreational areas and unique landscape.

Why not book a hotel in Naestved for your next vacation. Naestved's hotels are outstanding. Whether you stay is short or long you will have a fabulous time. Perhaps consider car hire in Naestved as there are many little villages in the region that you may wish to make day-trips to. You can find out about car hire in Naestved online or through the tourist bureau.

You are certain to want to return to the beautiful, historical city of Naestved for a relaxing holiday.


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