Travel to Roskilde in Denmark

Enjoy the medieval atmosphere of Roskilde

Roskilde has its beginnings as a Viking trading post which, in time, grew into an important town. In the Medieval times, the Danish royalty ruled from Roskilde. Denmark's kings and queens of the past remain buried in Roskilde's magnificent Cathedral.

The Roskilde Cathedral, constructed of red brick stands out from the surrounding buildings. UNESCO has declared Roskilde Cathedral a World Heritage Site. Church services are still held in the grand Cathedral.

There are so many fascinating and attractive places to explore in the city of Roskilde. Why not consider a trip aboard a Viking ship around the fjord. Special tours will involve you in the sailing of the ship. Drop anchor and have a swim in the cool waters. As you are sailing you will be astounded by abundant bird life inhabiting the forested slopes. After your trip, visit the Viking Ship Museum with its display of five ships dating back to the 11th century. Here you will also be enlightened as to Viking life and ship building.

The remarkable Ledreborg Palace and Park is a fantastic archetype of architecture and landscaping from the 1700s. Inside the palace you will discover original furniture and artwork. The park was designed in the French/English style and the roadway to the manor is 7 km in length. Enjoy the park's Jungle Adventure Trail through docks, over a suspension bridge and featuring a gliding rope in absolutely intriguing surroundings.

Culture in the city of Roskilde is all about music. The Roskilde Festival receives world-wide recognition attracting international artists to Roskilde's shores. A fantastic diversity of music from hard-core rock to electronica, some jazz and a touch of R&B can be heard on different stages. This awesome Festival rocks Roskilde every year.

Experience great outdoor activities at the Hedeland Recreational Area. The 15 of Hedeland includes a diverse landscape with waterways, plains, hills and woodland. Check out the ski slope, moto-cross tracks, horse riding tracks and the golf course. Relax on the wine terraces or take a train from Hedeland Veteran Railway.

Hire a car in Roskilde if you would like to visit the outer lying regions. Find out from your travel agent or online about flights to Roskilde. You are certain to find an inexpensive flight to Roskilde.

Roskilde is a city filled with entertainment and historical interest. Without a doubt you and your family will have the time of your life in this gorgeous city.


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