Transport in Denmark

Getting around with Denmark transport

By Plane

Denmark has 13 airports. The largest ones are Copenhagen Airport A/S and Billund Airport. There is a train service and a metro service running to Copenhagen Airport. Maersk Air, Sterling Airways, KLM, British Airways and Atlantic Airways are the major airlines that serve Denmark everyday.

By Train

Denmark has a highly developed railway system, and the standard is high. The railways connect the cities and the various parts of the country, and also connect Denmark with other European cities. The Scanrail pass, purchased outside Scandanavia, is good for rail travel through Denmark, but Eurail is also valid in Denmark. Denmark's trains are very reliable, fairly fast and very comortable. It is recommended to book your tickets at least 14 days in advance.

By Bus

The national bus network of Denmark is very reliable, safe and failry cheap. Remote towns are typically served by buses from the nearest train station. You can take a bus or a train over the Oresund bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden.

By Car

Most roads are toll-free in Denmark. Speed limits are 50kph in urban areas, 80kph on highways, 110kph on motorways. You should watch out for bikers, which have the right-of-way. Driving in cities have become inconvenient because of high parking prices and numerous one-way streets.

By Bike and by Hike

Flat terrain, well-marked bike routes, bike paths in the countryside, and raised bike lanes on most streets in towns and cities make Denmark a cyclist's dream. You can rent a bike from some tourist offices, rental shops and most train stations. Hitchhiking on motorways is illegal and uncommon in Denmark.


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