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Explore the beautiful city of Viborg

Situated in the heart of Denmark's Juland is the medieval town of Viborg. Viborg's name is a blend of the word "wii" (holy place) and "berg" (hill). It is believed that approximately 20 monasteries where located in Viborg. The town was a major settlement in the Middle ages as it is well situated. King Hardeknud, the first Danish King, was anointed in Viborg. Viborg is most renowned for its grand cathedral no doubt contributing to the origin of its name.

In 1130 construction began on the Cathedral of Viborg and its towers can be seen looming over the city from quite a distance. The cathedral has been rebuilt several times after being razed and only the original basement remains. The building that you see today was built in 1876. Beautiful murals adorn the inside of the cathedral. A 15th century seven-armed candlestick adds to the value of visiting Viborg's cathedral.

Over 900 years old, Asmild Kirke is one of Denmark's oldest churches and what a fascinating history it has. In 1132 Erik Emune murdered bishop Eskild before the altar. When viewing this church you will also be able to observe the renaissance altar piece dating back to 1625.

Put your best walking shoes on to explore the beauty and history of Viborg. A stroll along Hærvehen, an old military road, will take you back in time as you spot ancient barrows and runes from the Viking era. The splendor of churches from the Middle Ages, charming Danish inns and stone bridges will be a delight to your eyes.

Surrounding Viborg are a number of streams and lakes which many take pleasure in. Hire a boat or go on a guided tour of the well known Gudenå and Karup Rivers or one of the lovely lakes.

You may consider car hire in Viborg to get around to the many sights especially natural attractions such as the forest of Undallslund and Alheden/heath. Besides car hire in Viborg, you can also rent bicycles. Maps to tourist attractions are available at the tourist bureau.

Viborg is a remarkable city filled with natural brilliance, historical glory and cultural spark.


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