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Though small, England is a country with a rich heritage. For years it has been thought of in terms of quaint country sides and looming English castles. Today it is better known for its modern cities, nightclubs and shopping - and to be fair, modern day England is a bit of both. All you have to do is know where to look.

Perhaps the most well known of English cities is the capital, London. Home of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Madam Tussaud's and Piccadilly Circus. These are but a few of the world famous attractions to be found here. You can picnic a few of the fabulous and well manicured public gardens, shop at Petticoat Lane or get your wits scared out of you at the London Dungeon. There is really no shortage of things to do in London.

Birmingham is yet another great English city. Situated in the English West Midlands, Birmingham is often thought of as England's Second City. Here you might consider visiting Gun Quarter - once home to the largest gun manufacturing community in the United Kingdom - Centenary Square or the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Animal lovers might be tempted to visit the National Sea Life Center which boats a one million liter ocean tank amongst other things. There are quite a few other attractions that might appeal to visitors.

Home of the Beatles and the famous Liverpool soccer team, Liverpool is another popular English city. Interestingly, the largest stained glass panel can be found at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and its harbor is a World Heritage Site based on its significance to world trade. Liverpool is adorned with sculptures, buildings of various ages and a character all of its own.

Manchester is another fabulous English city. It is well established and in parts, quite old. Fine examples of architecture through the ages abound, as do theatres, galleries and museums. Much of the city also includes what were once smaller and separate towns and villages in the surrounding areas. The city is home to the well known Manchester United football club and it is a great place to go for a cultural, sporting and historical vacation.

England has many different cities, towns and villages. Its attractions range from historical sites such as Stonehenge, to more modern attractions such as the London Eye. It has become well established over long periods of time and now offers a most spectacular, rich and diverse destination.


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