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Starting life as a tiny Anglo-Saxon farming village about 1000 years ago, Birmingham has emerged as a major commercial and industrial city in the 21st century. One of the eight core cities of England, Birmingham is a fairly large city with an interesting history and a lot to see and do.

In times gone by, the Birmingham area was occupied by a few Romans who built some road and a fort here. Slowly this developed into a small farming village which then grew into a bustling market town due to its convenient location. Over the years, access to coal and iron ore resulted in the establishment of several metal-working industries and before long, Birmingham became known for its manufacture of small arms. Gun Quarter - the main area of gun production in the city - became famous for supplying Oliver Cromwell's forces with most of their weaponry during the English Civil War. Birmingham continued to grow during the Industrial Revolution. Railways and canals were built to aid the transportation of raw materials. It was eventually granted city status in 1889 by Queen Victoria. Birmingham suffered damage from severe bombing in World War II and went through a period of 'ugliness' for a short while thereafter. In more recent times, a lot of time, money and effort has been put into upgrading, restoring and rebuilding certain parts of the city to make it more beautiful and appealing. Birmingham today is a beautiful city with both well maintained older sections that transport you back into time and well developed newer sections to cater to the many needs of both locals and tourists.

If you pay a visit to Birmingham, you might find pleasure in visiting some of the many galleries and museums in the area. The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, for example, has on display many works by some of histories greatest painters. If all things mechanical are of more interest to you, you might try the Birmingham Thinktank. Centered mostly on Birminghams wartime and industrial heritage, it has many interesting contraptions and devices to entertain you. The Gun Quarter will take you back in time while the Chinese Quarter will transport you to the future and give you a great night's entertainment. The National Sea Life Center is an exceptional aquarium and there are also many parks and old buildings to see.

Birmingham is a place of cultural, architectural and artistic interest. Everywhere you will find traces of history strongly juxtaposed with modern developments. Historical market centers and unexpected waterways may capture your imagination. Birmingham is a unique and worthwhile experience.


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