Cuisine in England

Try the culinary delights of England's Cuisine

Britain has some spectacular cuisine to offer, from mouthwatering roasts to tantalizing sweet desserts, enough to satisfy every rumbling tummy.

The most famous traditional British meal may perhaps be Sunday dinner, which traditionally includes a Sunday roast, usually of beef, lamb, chicken or pork, and assorted vegetables. Sunday lunch traditionally includes Yorkshire pudding, which is a savoury baked batter of flour, milk and eggs, commonly with the addition of meat juices, it is almost always part of the main meal, but is sometimes served before.

Many Britons still make home-made desserts from recipes passed on to them from generation to generation, such as bread and butter pudding, rhubarb crumble, spotted dick and trifle, which is traditionally accompanied by custard, known as anglaise.

British people are also very fond of their teatime. A traditional British teatime includes strong, milky tea and some sweets such as, scones with butter, jam and clotted cream as well as biscuits and sandwiches of many varieties. One of the most favored sandwiches in Britain is a Marmite sandwich. Marmite is originally made in England, it is a dark brown savoury sandwich spread, with a strong salty flavour, made from yeast extract. Another traditional variety of a sandwich that may be better known is a cucumber sandwich.

The British also favor there breakfasts, a famous writer once said 'to eat well in England, you should have breakfast three times a day'. A traditional English Breakfast usually consists of, two eggs, bacon, sausage, fried tomato, toast, and sometimes fries.

There are many distilleries in England brewing all kinds of alcoholic drinks, such as, gin, whisky, port, sherry, and some famous British beers such as Newcastle Brown Ale.

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