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English culture has so influenced other parts of the United Kingdom that it seems, at times, virtually impossible to localize it. It has been so influenced and enhanced by many different nationalities and peoples over the years that it is truly diverse.

The term 'art' in English culture is generally used to refer to all aspects of creativity - from painting and sculpture to performance arts. Many famous poets have emerged from the country over the years. Unfortunately, a lot of great English art has been lost over the years. Though churches were once painted, they were often renovated at a time when the worth of such artworks was unknown. England was never able to amass a great collection of artworks as have other European countries. Less aged but equally beautiful Landscape paintings now typify what is commonly regarded to be older English art.

When it comes to food, many English beverages and dishes are world renown. Items such as beer and tea can be found in kitchens throughout the world. Fish and chips or Sunday roasts are another two meal favorites. Other items such as bangers and mash, cucumber sandwiches and spotted dick may have been heard of but not tasted in other countries. Traditions such as the Full English Breakfast are still practiced in many parts of the world.

When it comes to folklore, most English legends can be traced back thousands of years to before Roman invasion. Some of them, such as the legend of Robin Hood, are well known while others, such as the Beast of Bodmin, are not. Certain traditions and lore's are specific to certain areas of the country while others are widespread.

Perhaps the most famous historical site in England is Stonehenge, but there are many old cathedrals and churches which have historical value. English gardens are also a heritage passed on to many parts of the world. When it comes to sports, cricket, football and rugby are the countries national pastimes.


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