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Though most of modern Manchester is still a relatively new city, it holds its own when it comes to commerce, industry and size. Established during the Industrial revolution because of its involvement in the manufacture and production of textiles, it went from strength to strength until it became one of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK.

Though Manchester was originally a small town that has been around since Roman times, it only became a city in the mid 19th century. When the Industrial Revolution shook England, Manchester was at the center of the cotton industry - a hub of activity where surrounding towns brought their produce to send it away by ship and rail. The manufacture and production of cotton became such a thriving industry in the area that Manchester was nicknamed 'Cottonopolis'. The time saw rapid growth and expansion in both Manchester and the small towns and villages nearest to it. The cotton industry only began to decline when cheap foreign imports made their way to customers' shores in the 1950s. The 1970's saw the birth of Greater Manchester - the grouping of 8 towns and 2 cities into a single Metropolain County. It may not be the cotton giant anymore, but Manchester is still responsible for more than half of the goods and consumables manufactured in Britain.

Today, Manchester is a hive of activity. It receives millions of visitors every year and numerous large companies are based here. It has the most extensive motorway network in the UK and is accessible by rail, road and air. It is also fairly close to London and the two are connected by train.

Incredible diversity exists here - from foreign cuisine to music and entertainment. You can enjoy three National Parks which are not too far away, hundreds of tourist attractions and many fine buildings with historical and architectural value. Because it is centrally located, it's the ideal base for a holiday. A short drive will see you at Liverpool, London and even Hadrian's Wall.


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