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Think of Oxford and inevitably think of its university, revered as one of the world's great academic institutions, inhabiting buildings set around ivy-clad quadrangles. Much of this is accurate enough, but although the university dominates central Oxford, the wider city has an entirely different character, its economy built on the car plants of the suburb of Cowley.

The university has long operated a collegiate system in which many students and tutors live, work and take their meals together in the same complex of buildings - usually a couple of quadrangles with a chapel, library and dining hall. Taken together, the colleges from a dense maze of historic buildings in the heart of the city. Access may be restricted during examinations, especially during the months of May and June.

Punting on the River Thames or on the River Cherwell is a traditional Oxford pastime. Punters receive a tall pole, a small oar, and an advisory against falling into the water. Music and drama are cherished arts at Oxford. Attend a concert of Evensong service at one of the colleges or visit the Oxford Playhouse, the venue for bands, dance troupes, and both amateur and professional plays.

Oxford has a magnificent, cheerful atmosphere, with students walking and talking on every corner of town. Despite of all the beautiful places there are to explore, you will never have a dull moment in Oxford. You will be entertained all the time, even if you are just sitting down in a pub sipping your beer and doing some people-watching. You will soon see that there is much more to this cute place than just a university.


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