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France is actively promoting the use of bicycles and offers a wealth of wide, empty roads and flat or rolling countryside suitable for biking. The French themselves are enthusiastic bikers, as witnessed by their exhausting annual marathon, the Tour de France. Bicycles can be hired from many local tourist offices, and French Railways and stations.


Golf is fast becoming a popular sport in France, though not as popular as cycling tennis or hiking but you will surely, be able to find a course close to where you're staying. France have some breathtaking greens that will be able to keep you busy while the rest of the family is doing shopping.


The French Alps offer excellent skiing with some of the world's best skiing resorts. There are over 480km of ski trails, over 150 ski lifts and a number of ski schools and quality resort facilities, enough to make any ski-connoisseur smile!


France has a huge network of picturesque hiking paths, totaling some 40,000km. The most popular hiking trails are in the hilly regions, such as the French Alps, the Jura, Champagne, and the Pyrenees. Put on your hiking boots and gear up with water and sun block and get ready to take on the highest mountain peaks of France.


France has over 3000km of coastline, that offers some of the best places for some of the most extreme watersports. The warm climate of the Mediterranean Sea provides advantages for those who like swimming, diving and snorkeling. The French Riviera are popular with sailing enthusiasts and Biarritz is renowned for good surfing.

Champagne Tasting

A champagne route will give you the chance to appreciate the diversity of aromas and learn how to serve each champagne with appropriate dishes. You will have the chance to distinguish them by comparing their colours, bubbles and taste. Some of the best champagne regions are just over an hour from Paris, so you can join these wine tasting tours even if your time in France is limited.

Cheese Tasting Tours

While on a cheese tour you will be able to discover the maturing techniques, the difference between, pasteurized and non pasteurized milk cheeses and the right time to buy and eat them. Rediscover hard cheeses that you disregarded, enjoy soft cheeses that you didn't know, taste some blue-veined cheeses and learn how to use them all in harmony with breads, fruits and wines!


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