Attractions in France

Must-See Attractions whilst travelling in France

One could easily lose yourself for years, strolling through the streets of France and visiting all the spectacular sites. France is loaded with breathtaking architecture, spectacular art, divine cuisine, cultural folk festivals, inspiring history and colorful gardens.


The Palace of Versailles is one of the most visited monuments in France. Sixteen kilometers west of Paris, it's the apotheosis of French royal indulgence, it's decor an unrestricted homage to two of the greatest of all self-propagandists, Louis XIV and Napoleon. The Palace of Versailles is more impressive for its size than anything else, by any standards, is incredible. The most amazing room in the palace is definitely the Hall of Mirrors, the room in which the Treaty of Versailles was signed, bringing the World War I to an end. The gardens of the Versailles, with it's beautiful fountains and statues are inspiring, you could wander for hours through its vast extent. Don't forget to visit Marie Antoinette's little farmhouse in the garden.

The French Alps

One trip to the French Alps, a discovery of the majestic deep snow, that makes out as France's best ski resorts. The French Alps are so enormous, you can ski for weeks without ever retracing your tracks. You can gaze at the Mont Blanc, the 'rooftop of Europe'. The French Alps are actually more popular during the summer months, when the snow and ice has melted, and the hills has turned into beautiful lush meadows, perfect for hiking, mountain biking or just taking in the pure mountain air.


Although so many people have tried to explain the beauty and majestic feeling of Paris, words can truly not explain this magnificence of this seductive city. Is it the elegance of the tree-lined boulevards? The magnificence of the Eiffel Tower? Or is it the French accent of the residents passing you by, as you sip your champagne at a road-side café? No one well ever be able to explain the magical feeling of Paris, you will have to go find out for yourself!

The French Riviera

The French Riviera or Côte d'Azur is part of the South Eastern coast of France, reaching to the border with Italy. One of the world's most popular holiday destinations, it continues west from the Italian Riviera and Menton through Monaco, Nice, Antibes and Cannes along the Mediterranean coast of the département of the Alpes-Maritimes. St.Tropez is regarded as the essence of the French Riviera, check out the multi-million dollar yachts in the port, sip an overpriced cup of coffee and watch the people pass by wearing there Tropeziennes sandals!


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