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Biarritz in France is a stunning coastal city with a fascinating and grand past. Vikings settled in Biarritz during 840. The village was in a prime position for whaling activities. Doctors in the 18th century often directed patients to bathe in the sea for its therapeutic properties and thus many inividuals made their way to Biarritz to treat their ailments.

Biarritz became particularly famous in 1854 when Empress Eugenie (Napoleon III's wife) had a palace built on the beach (today, the Hotel du Palais). Foreign royalty, such as Queen Victoria of Britain, Edward VII and Alfonso XIII of Spain, would frequent the palace. The Russians constructed a splendid Orthodox church with a blue dome beside the palace.

There are many other interesting places to also visit in Biarritz, such as the stunning Capelle Imperiale also made for Empress Eugenie. Stop at the Museum of the Sea with its 24 aquariums. The Museum of Chocolate will guide you through the history and manufacturing process of this sumptuous treat. The Asiatica Museum possesses a magnificent collection of Asian art. Take a walk to the extraordinary cliffs and lookout points west of the main beach.

As in the past, the sea attracts many people to Biarritz with its outstanding standard of surfing. Surf culture is strong in the city with a number of brilliant surfers, for example Karl Lagerfeld, calling Biarritz home. Several great surfing events take place in Biarritz. Why not plan your holiday in Biarritz around one of these exciting surfing competitions. The Biarritz Maïder Arosteguy takes place in April and the "Roxy Jam Biarritz" Women's Event is in July. The Biarritz Surf Festival draws surfers from America and Australia to Biarritz's shores.

Pop in to your travel agent today to find out about a flight to Biarritz, France. Hotels in Biarritz vary from 5-star hotels to cozy country lodges. The fine hotels in Biarritz will add to your amazing holiday experience. A holiday in Biarritz, with its amazing beaches and fascinating past, will leave you with unforgettable memories.


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