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Explore the beauty of Bordeaux in France

Situated in the south-west of France, Bordeaux is best known for its fine wine. However the area has more to offer and a trip to the city will quickly confirm this for you. However, if it is wine you are after, Bordeaux has the best the world has to offer.

The port city of Bordeaux is built on an arc of the Garonne river. The river thus divides it into a right and Left Bank. Originally founded by the Romans in 300 BC, this city has come a long way. Its biggest boon came during the 18th century when Bordeaux traded regularly with the West Indies. Today, Bordeaux is an amazing city in its own right.

Bordeaux is home to three world heritage sites: The Saint-André Cathedral, The Saint-Surin Basilica and The Saint-Michel Basilica. All three are beautiful and house interesting statues. Also worth a visit are the Aquitaine Museum, the Saint-Pierre Church and the hospital Priory in Cayac in Gradignan.

Of course, no trip to Bordeaux is complete without visiting some of the fabulous wine making facilities that dot the region. Many of the most prestigious wine producers in the world can be found in Bordeaux. The wine producing areas are vast and many are divided up into smaller regions. Five of the worlds most expensive and sought after wines come from Bordeaux. If you wish to see how the finest wines in the world are made and perhaps taste some of them, you can take a wine tour. Most planned tours take place by car, taxi or coach but you can also book a ticket for the Palladium Train - and exclusive luxury train that runs on rubber wheels most of the time.

When the allure of strong-smelling wines begins to wear off, you might try taking a talking bicycle tour. As you pedal your hired bicycle along the two hour planned route, you will be told the history and secrets of Bordeaux. This is the best way to see Bordeaux at a leisurely pace. Perhaps you'd like a bit more excitement? The Grain De Folie is a master of entertainment. Here you will see music, singers, dancers and everything else that go together to provide an amazing show well worth seeing. No wonder it is also called the Magic of the Music Hall!

So why not book a ticket for Bordeaux today? You will no doubt find the grace, beauty, charm and wine every bit as wonderful as have millions before you.


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