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On the Riviera in southern France, you will find the city of Cannes. With roughly 70 000 inhabitants, this thriving commune area has much to offer. It is well noted for its sandy public beaches even though nearby Nice does not share this feature. There are a lot of historical sites to visit, but most people prefer to simply enjoy the good weather, stunning beaches and friendly atmosphere.

Cannes started life as a small agricultural and fishing village. It endured raids, invasions and conquests from numerous surrounding nations during the early part of its history. Soon, however, Cannes became recognized for its uniqueness. This began when Lord Henry Peter Brougham, en route to Italy, was forced to spend a night in the town because of a cholera epidemic which resulted in Italy closing borders with France. He quickly developed a liking for the place and bought property. Two years later, London's high society flocked to Cannes to see the inauguration of his new home. This resulted in both foreign and French aristocrats quickly discovering the small piece of paradise and buying up land which was developed into vast and splendid vacation homes. It wasn't long before the first hotel was developed and people traveled from all over the world to make Cannes their favorite holiday destination.

The English brought with them a love for all things green. The Cannes landscape was somewhat barren until Brougham and some friends built the Canal de la Siagne. The Canal provided irrigation to most parts of Cannes and revealed the soil to be fertile. Soon the city was transformed into a place of unique beauty - providing easy growth for plants from all over the world. Much of the city's water is still provided by the Canal de la Siagne.

Today, the main attraction in Cannes is the Cannes Film Festival which is held annually in May. It is a major event for the film industry and draws millions of visitors each time. Though the Festival had a rough beginning - it opened the day before World War II broke out - it quickly become Famous. It has earned the city the title 'Capital of Cinema' and one visit to the Cannes Film Festival will help you understand why. Cannes also hosts and annual television festival during the last week of September.


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