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When compared with the ancient territory of Gaul it can be see that the borders of France and Gaul closely align. However, early Gaul was conquered by the Romans in 1 BC and survivors were absorbed into Roman Culture. The people living in this area were introduced to Christianity and Gaul's eastern frontiers were overrun by Germanic tribes (mainly the Franks). The name "France" was originally given to a feudal domain around Paris which was ruled over by the Capetian Kings.

In 843, Charlemagnes Frankish Empire was divided into three parts. The eastern and central part became Germany and the western part became France. France was ruled over by various Kings until the French Revolution in 1792 which brought about a period of change. Not long after, Napoleon Bonaparte made himself First Consul and he proceeded to conquer many countries and establish news kingdoms in this position. After his death, however, the French monarchy was re-established, only to be legislatively abolished and replaced with a second republic. The governmental system has since undergone the change from republic to monarchy and back to republic again many times - especially during the first and second World Wars. It now stands with the Fifth Republic which is a semi-presidential democracy which has proven to be far more stable than all previous attempts at government.

In more recent times, cooperation and partnership with Germany have resulted in the introduction of the Euro in 1999. This big step has served to brace France as well as the rest of Europe against political and economic upheavals, resulting in a stabilized economy and the peace that currently exists in the area. Today, France has the privilege of being one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.


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