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A registered World Heritage Site, Lyon is a city of history. The rich Romanesque and religious heritage is seen throughout the city in its architecture and glorious monuments. Renowned architects such as Mansart, Soulffot, Bossan, Delfante and many more have been contributing to the beauty of Lyon throughout the centuries. Lyon has even been compared to a history book read by viewing its many monuments.

Lyons museums preserve this abundant heritage. The museums attempt to reach a vast audience and have therefore adopted a more modern outlook by hosting events for all including interactive presentations, theme visits, workshops, story telling and conferences.

For those who want to get some fresh air a leisurely walk through one of Lyon's parks or gardens whilst stopping to admire the fountains will leave you feeling refreshed. Alternatively enjoy a quiet boat cruise down the Rhône or Saône rivers. Winter opens up the opportunity to engage in one of Lyon's most popular sports - skiing. With vast snowfields you will be left with unforgettable skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing experiences.

Looking for things to do in Lyon? Go shopping! Shopping in Lyon is matchless. Major clothing brands such as Lise Carmel, Zilli and Lejaby have come out of Lyon. The Carré d'Or district will keep even the most avid shoppers busy with more than 70 stalls. Passage de l'Argue was built in the 19th century and is a great retail centre that is like stepping back in time. Do some shopping for your home at Rue Auguste Comte which has antique shops, art galleries and decorative shops. For large scale shopping in Lyon visit the Part-Dieu retail centre with 260 shops and department stores, it is considered one of the biggest in Europe.

Lyon's nightlife is incomparable. The city is lit up with 100 000 projectors, providing a romantic and beautiful setting. Enjoy your evening meal at a lovely restaurant in Lyon whilst dining on local cuisine.

Hotels in Lyon are always improving and the selection is awesome. Choose from classic hotel styles to the contemporary yet welcoming. With so many hotels in Lyon it may be hard to choose so check out a few online before deciding.

Lyon has it all, from amazing snow sports to a rich heritage and fabulous shopping. Book your flight to Lyon today!


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