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Explore the Romantic Capital of the World, Paris in France

City of radiance, city of romance, unsightly city - Paris one way or another manages to do it all. From alleys that shelter the world's best bistros to wide avenues flaunting the highest of haute couture, from the centuries-old stone of Notre Dame's gargoyles to the ultramodern motions of the Parc de la Villette, from the masterpieces of the Louvre to the installations of avant-garde galleries, Paris presents itself as both a harbor of tradition and a hotbed of desire.

Paris has been a hub of commerce, ethnicity, and disagreement for centuries - and in the midst of it all, this city became the Western world's symbolic capital of romance, revolution, valor and high-living. No wonder it's the world's most heavily visited city - or that intellectuals in the later 20th century, in unique French style, started to question whether Paris had become nothing more than an assembly of illusions in the imagination of the tourist.

You might find yourself wondering the same thing, as you sit in some perfect sidewalk café with a view of the Eiffel Tower, sipping an overpriced espresso or savoring a croissant, surrounded by beautiful people talking with an unique attractive French accent. Can this place exist? But it does. Paris seems, extraordinarily, to live up to its fairy-tale reputation and utterly defy it, it is at once a living monument to the past and a city driving the present.

Paris will not fail to excite and charm you, why not book your ticket today, and go find out for yourself what it is that leaves people speechless when thinking of Paris.


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