Travel to St Tropez in France

St Tropez

A coastal town with a medieval feel but lots of pizzazz - that is how to describe St. Tropez. This stunning town became very popular in the 1950s with many famous people gracing its shores. Today, St. Tropez is popular because of its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and rich historical heritage.

You'll have no problem catching a tan in St. Tropez. There are 40 beaches to choose from including Bouillabaisse, Salins and Caneliers. After soaking up the rays, have a swim in the gorgeous blue sea. Take a walk from the beach to one of the many restaurants and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Seat yourself at one of the lovely cafés along the harbour and watch the people go by or gaze at the long line of luxury yachts.

In the mood for a bit of sight-seeing? There are many historical places in St. Tropez to explore. Visit the Old Harbour where the main feature is the statue of Pierre-André de Suffren. This statue was commissioned in 1866 by Emperor Napoleon the 3rd and is made from the bronze of artillery from the mêlée with the Royal Navy. The Porte de la Poissonnerie fish market is beautifully decorated by mosaics and marble slabs, a truly lovely sight to see. Make your way to the La Tour Guillaume, the oldest building in the town. Also known as the Suffren Tower, this tower adjoins a mansion, the home of the last Lords of St. Tropez.

Further discover the rich history of St. Tropez by strolling through the Citadelle Museum. The naval museum was opened to the public in 1958 and in 1993 the building and grounds were sold by the army to the town.

For those who wish to enjoy the more modern pleasures in life there are endless activities to keep you entertained during your holiday in St. Tropez. Adventurous individuals can engage in scuba diving, tuna fishing, carting, sailing and more. A quite day can be enjoyed aboard a boat as it drifts around the bay or taking a slow walk along the coastal path. Top your holiday in St. Tropez off with the Bravades celebrations, held annually in May.

The best time to book your hotel in St.Tropez is out of season (May, June, and September) when the town is less busy and you have time to truly absorb the charm of this town. There are a wide variety of hotels in St. Tropez, from luxury hotels to more basic accommodation.

St. Tropez is a town that will take you back in time, bring you into the present and leave you breathless.


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