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"La ville rose", as Toulouse is fondly known, is a culturally rich city renowned for its splendid monuments and world famous companies. Toulouse stands out as the second largest area in the south of France and its population keeps on expanding. This city's past is far removed from that of its present. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, Toulouse was left behind. Today, it has developed as the centre of the European aerospace industry. Due to the fact that it has only recently been developing industrially, Toulouse has sustained no environmental damage and its natural beauty is amazing.

Toulouse has developed a diverse culture over the years as can be seen in its many monuments, edifices and works of art. The greatest cultural influence is that of the Occitan culture of the southern regions of France.

Many fascinating landmarks and sights can be seen around Toulouse, such as the Roman amphitheatre. Built in the 1st century AD this amphitheatre will take you back in time to when the gladiators would fight their bloody battles to the delight of the crowds. The monument stands in its entirety as an impressive reminder of the past. Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Canal du Midi is the oldest canal in Europe that is still being used. The canal was constructed during Louis XIV's reign by the engineer Pierre-Paul Riquest. Approximately 12 000 men worked on building this 240 km canal. This is a truly impressive construction to see.

Many museums around Toulouse have captured history for all to see. A great museum to visit is the Abattoirs which exhibits modern and contemporary art within beautiful buildings of the 19th century.

A must in Toulouse is to pay a visit to the Cité de l’Espace. This exciting planetarium with 3D cinema screen gives visitors the opportunity to see rocket launches, observe the Earth and much more. Check out the Ariane rocket, Terr@dome and Soyuz capsule.

The hotels in Toulouse offer quality, comfortable accommodation with friendly service. You can choose from hotel chains, independent hotels and residential hotels in Toulouse. For the more adventurous why not book a campsite. Shopping in Toulouse is fantastic. Whether you are looking for books or clothing, you will find what you desire. After shopping why not take a break at one of the restaurants in Toulouse and enjoy the local cuisine.

Book your flight to Toulouse! It will be a holiday you will be talking about for years to come.


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