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Berlin is a multicultural city with a strong sense of past and present. Life here has no off-switch - when one attraction closes, another may open. There are always clubs and shops open so a visitor can be entertained any hour of the day or night. Many consider a visit to Germany's capital to be an unparalleled experience - a cultural extravaganza.

Perhaps the item Berlin is most famous for is the Berlin Wall which was demolished in 1989. This great wall separated West from East Berlin Germany and was sadly the sight of many deaths and much grief. The tearing down of the Wall has resulted in an economic revival in Berlin which is partially responsible for the ever changing face of the city. Today, only two or three small sections of the wall remain and the museums contain much information regarding the historic demolishing of this terrible barrier. In addition there are over 160 museums covering a variety of topics which are open to the public daily.

In Berlin, you can visit the Zoo or enjoy a marked out walk through the city which will take you past some of the major sights in the city. You can also take a ride on a bus or tram which is a cheap and effective way to make your way around the city. You can stroll through the suburbs or make your way to one of the many beautiful municipal parks to relax. There is a huge variety of old buildings, historical sites and interesting landmarks to find. Berlin is somewhat known for the numerous green spaces and lakes that blend effortlessly with the city's design and help create more peaceful surrounds.

If you enjoy shopping, you will be able to find virtually anything you could possibly want in Berlin. There is an impressive variety of literature, CDs, fashion, haute couture, antiques and traditional odds and ends for sale all over the city. And once you've worked up an appetite, you'll no doubt take great delight in savoring the huge variety of tastes from not only Germany but from all over the world.

As evening approaches, you might take in a show at one of the 50 or so theaters or three opera houses in the city. The shows performed at these buildings of theatrical art are varied and you can be sure you will find something to cater to your tastes. Perhaps you prefer your music with a bit more of a beat? There are a never-ending supply of all-night nightclubs and parties that are just waiting to be enjoyed. Berlin is an entertaining and delightful city just waiting to be enjoyed.


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