German Cuisine

Discover the delightful tastes of Germany cuisine

The cuisine of Germany varies greatly form region to region. They have many influences by their neighbours, France, Switzerland and Austria.

Traditionally, a German main meal is lunch, which is consumed in the afternoon between 12:00 and 02:00. Supper is eaten in the evening and usually consists of just a few sandwiches, however with changing lifestyles and working hours, they have been forced to change their main meals to the evening.

A common German day will include foods such as bread and toast with jam, marmalade, honey and eggs, and coffee and tea for breakfast. Because of the influence of Switzerland, deli meats, such as ham and salami are also commonly eaten for breakfast, as well as various cheeses. Cornflakes, muesli and other varieties of breakfast cereals are also becoming popular.

Popular meats that are consumed by the Germans, are meats such as, pork, beef, chicken, duck, venison, boar, rabbit and turkey. Horse meat is regarded as a specialty in some regions of Germany, but consumption is generally frowned upon. The Germans generally pot-roast their meat, but pan-fried dishes have also become popular due to the French influences. Most meat in Germany is consumed in sausage forms, with over 1500 different types of sausages available.

Seafood was restricted for long periods of time in certain parts of Germany, but nowadays many seafish like sardine, mackerel, salmon and herring have become well established throughout the country and is often served. Salmon is so easily accessible in the many rivers of Germany, that some Germans complain that is served too often. Fish is generally the only seafood that is served in Germany, but shrimp and mussels can also be found now and then.

Beer, wine and coffee are among the most popular things in a average German's lifestyle. The Germans just love beer, there are a number of breweries that can be spotted all over the country. Unique to other cultures, the Germans prefer drinking beer at room temerature rather than ice-cold.


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