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The skyline in Frankfurt is dominated by high-rising skyscrapers - buildings wherein the city's main trade takes place. For quite some time now, Frankfurt has been seen as a financial and economic center and the city sees some 17 million people that pass through its airports annually. Frankfurts geographical position places it rather centrally in Europe which makes it a cross road for important traffic routes. Trains also play an important role in this regard, transporting thousands of passengers to and from Frankfurt every day.

Frankfurt is also famous for its literary exploits. The internationally renowned 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeuitung' is one of the Europe's leading newspapers. In addition to this, The Annual International Book Fair is held here every year. It is the largest event of its kind in the world and attracts a lot of tourists and locals.

So besides banks and books, what can you expect to find in Frankfurt? The city also has a number of historical monuments that are well worth visiting. Römer (the City Hall) was built in 1405 and is a great place to start a tour of the city. In the Hall, you will find the Kaisersaal (Hall of the Emperors) which was the place where Emperors dined during crowning. Just outside you will find the Fountain of Justice and the Wertheim House - a wonderful example of 16th century German architecture. Not too far away, the Ostzeile is a row of medieval framework houses which are also a pleasure to view.

Big on the list of sights are several of the city's religious buildings. Leonhardskirche (St Leonard's Church), Kaiserdom (Imperial Cathedral) and Pauilskirche (St Paul's Church). Each of these are incredibly beautiful and contain either architectural or artistic beauty. The Historical Museum is housed in the oldest building in the city center and details the history of the city. The Saalhof chapel here dates back to 1170.

Frankfurt is also home to the great literary (and other) figure of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His legacy lives on in the form of The Goethe Award, the Peace Award and the Goethe House which is now a museum dedicated to his memory. Not to far away you will also find the Hauptwache and Fressgasse. The Hauptwache is an old police station which has been converted into a café and Fressgasse is a place where one can enjoy a good meal in either a delicatessen or fine restaurant. The Zeil is a great place to shop if you are interesting in browsing some stalls.

Clearly, Frankfurt is more than just a city of banks and businesses. It is a place with culture, history and passion. Let this inspiring old city inspire you and entertain you by visiting Frankfurt as soon as you can.


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