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Leipzig has always been among the most dynamic of German cities. With its influential and respected university, and a tradition of trade fairs dating back to the Middle Ages, there was never the degree of isolation from outside influences experienced by so many cities behind the Iron Curtain. Leipzigers have embraced the challenges of reunification and are set to show off their city during the 2006 World Cup. In the meantime, its imposing monuments, narrow cobbled backstreets and wide-ranging nightlife make for an inviting visit.

Leipzig is one of the few German university cities large enough to have a life outside the academy, but small enough to feel the influence of its students. Every corner is packed with cafes, cabarets, street-musicians, and second-hand stores. Leipzig was once home to a few famous people such as bach, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Nietzsche, Goethe and Leibniz.

Having been a terminal of the first German long distance railroad (1838, to Dresden), Leipzig became a hub of Central-European railroad traffic, with a renowned station building, now the largest passenger train station in Europe. Leipzig expanded rapidly towards one million inhabitants. Huge Gr├╝nderzeit areas were built, which survived, for the greater part, the War and after war demolitions. Nowadays these areas are unique in modern Germany. The decline of the number of inhabitants however remain a threat to these precious rich decorated remains of once Imperial Germany.

Leipzig's air is alive with laughter and the feeling of relaxation together with the possibility to party all night together with the friendly, welcoming community.


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