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Located in the Attica basin, Athens is the Capital of Greece and the heart of the country. It is a beautiful place, surrounded by amazing mountains and hills, and ancient Grecian ruins. Why not take a trip back in time, then party it up at one of the many modern establishments at the cities heart? Modern day Athens is both vibrant and culturally rich.

Speaking in terms of historical monuments, Athens has no shortage of sights to see. Perhaps the most well known and visited site, however, is the Acropolis. Built on the top of a crag, this great and ancient building has served as a center of Greek worship and government for eons. It was built between 447 and 437 BC and it is here that democracy had its earliest beginnings. Indeed, all of Athens seems to stem out from this magnificent building, sprawling away from it in every direction until is has slowly covered the barren plain that once surrounded the city in times gone by.

Today the city has over four million inhabitants and the wonderful diversity that comes with so many people is reflected in the lively shops, cheerful homes and colorful buildings. The weather is pleasant, the people friendly and the place is inviting. The dining is exquisite and caters to a range of tastes and pockets. There are museums, gardens, statues and amazing ruins to see. It usually only takes one look at these buildings that are about as old as time itself to leave you breathless. There are also more modern attractions and there is no shortage of shops and venders where you can while away your hours.

Just a short while in this splendid country will leaving you wanting more. No where else will you find the richness and cultural vibe that you will find in Athens. It is truly a city of the gods - why not find out why for yourself?


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