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Explore the lovely city center of Chania

Chania, a city with an extensive history and bright present. Originally a Minoan settlement called Cydonia, Chania became an important city in Classical Greece. In the year 69 BC the Romans commandeered Cydonia and allowed it to become an independent city-state. Whilst under Byzantine rule, the Arabs conquered the island in 824 calling the village Chania. However, in 961 the Byzantines reclaimed the city. In 1204 after the 4th Crusade the island of Crete was governed over by Marquis de Montferrat who sold it to the Venetians. Once again the city was annexed, this time by the Genoans in 1263, but only until 1285 when the Venetians came back into power. Chania was selected to be the seat of the Administrator General and began to grow dramatically. On 2 August 1845 the Turkish army seized Chania. During 1821 the Greeks came up against the Ottoman Empire. The final step to independence came in 1898 when Chania was made the capital of the Cretan State. The capital was later moved to Heraklion.

Chania's old city is said to be the most lovely in Crete. The ancient Venetian harbour features a lighthouse from the 1400s and a Janissaries Mosque providing a picturesque view. Numerous older buildings have been repaired and are now used as hotels and shops. The Venetian Arsenals of the 16th century were originally used for shipbuilding and repairs. Today, fishing boats and tavernas line the shipyards. A walk through the city will lead you to a square containing a Greek Orthodox Cathedral from 1860 as well as a Roman Catholic Cathedral from 1879. Also here is the church of St.Francis, a 14th century Venetian church which now houses the archeological museum. At the museum you can observe mosaics, inscribed tablets and ceramics uncovered at various excavations. Popular amongst tourists is the 1913 indoor market.

Chania also has a lot of modern appeal with numerous fine restaurants, pubs and boutiques. There are many stunning hotels in Chania and you are certain to find one to suit your budget. Check out online reviews of Chania's hotels to help you make a decision on where to stay. Find out from your travel agent about a flight to Chania Souda Airport. You can also check online for great deals on flights to Chania. Alternatively, you can reach Chania by ferry from other places in Greece. Consider car hire in Chania to explore the rest of Crete.

Chania is a city that will magically transport you back in time whilst you experience all the conveniences of modern living. For unforgettable memories, visit Chania.


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