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Discover the natural beauty of Greece

Greece is a country rich in culture and the ideal tourist destination. It spans from inland areas on the continent of Europe across the many islands of the Mediterranean. Each island in Greece is unique. The best way to experience this beautiful country is include several destinations in your itinerary. Explore cities from long ago on the Greek mainland. Many tours are offered to guide you through your adventures of ancient Greece. There are many hotels in and villas in Greece as all the cities and villages cater for tourists.

Athens is the most well known city in Greece. It is the capital of the country and the founding city of the Olympic Games. Athens is a vibrant city with an energetic night life. The public transport infrastructure is highly developed, so you will have no problems doing your shopping in Athens. Athens is the meeting place of two worlds - the old and the new. You can spend your morning shopping in town, visit a restaurant in Athens for lunch and then make your way to the famous ruins of the Acropolis. A unique city in its own right, Athens is a tourists dream.

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It has a rich history dating back to 2300 BCE. The arts and culture of Thessaloniki were second only to Constantinople in the Byzantine era. Many beautiful mosaics and murals as well as fascinating architectural designs can be seen throughout the region. Restaurants and hotels in Thessaloniki are located in the newer sections, where tourists can also enjoy some shopping. Thessaloniki is a city that will not disappoint.

Patra is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Greece. The upper sections of Patra will take you back in time as you explore the ancient structures there. In the newer areas of Patra you will find a fully developed infrastructure catering for all your needs. An interesting holiday activity that Patra offers is rock climbing. So whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday destination or are feeling a bit more adventurous, Patra is the city for you.


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