Travel to Kokkini Hani in Greece

Unwind in Kokkini Hani, Greece

Crete's Kokkini Hani is a holiday resort where you can just unwind. Initially a fishing village the area attracted locals from Heraklion for weekend getaways. This resort of sand, sun and pristine waters is a great jumping board into the rest of Crete. The relaxed atmosphere in Kokkini Hani will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Upon reaching Kokkini Hani you will spot the archeological site, Niros. In 1918 a Minoan villa was uncovered here by S. Xanthoudides. Researchers believe the villa was the residence of the region's overlord and was called "House of the High Priest". Numerous relics used in rituals were discovered and can now be viewed at the Archeological Museum of Heraklion.

Just to the west of Niros villa is Aghioi Theodoroi, a site where the remnants of a Minoan port were revealed. Further along is Amnisos, originally Knossos' port. This port is steeped in mythology. Legend has it that Theseus landed here when on his mission to kill the Minotaur and it is the port where Idomeneus' fleet of 80 ships left to assist Agagmemnon in the war with Troy.

There are several beaches in Kokkini Hani. Vathianos Kampos is a large beach which also features one of Kokkini Hani's hotels. East of here is a stretch of sand broken up by rocky outcrops. This is a great spot for wind-surfing.

Along the main street you will find many souvenir shops as well as some lovely restaurants. At the Ariadne Hatzi supermarket you will be able to draw money from the cash machines and send postcards from the post office. The nightlife in Kokkini Hani is somewhat limited, whilst there are many restaurants and a few bars, those looking for a party should head off to Heraklion by taxi.

Kokkini Hani is perfectly located as a central point for excursions through Crete. Rent a Car and explore the island or take a bus to one of the other cities. Several guided tours are available in the region. Take a day trip to the top of the mountain where you and the children can enjoy a day at Watercity. Just 5 km away is Anopolis, a village where you can truly delve into Cretan culture, with sumptuous meals, local wine and traditional performances.

Large hotels in Kokkini Hani are limited. You will however also find several Bed and Breakfasts as well as apartments in Kokkini Hani. Reviews of Kokkini Hani's hotels can be found online. You can also find out about apartments in Kokkini Hani online.

Crete's Kokkini Hani is a village/holiday resort that will ease away all the stresses of life and introduce you to the rest of Crete, leaving you with unforgettable experiences.


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