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Naxos or Chora Naxos in Greece is beautifully positioned on the slopes of a hill in a fertile area filled with vineyards and fruit orchards. Also the capital of the Greek island of Naxos, the city is popular amongst tourists due to its fascinating ruins. The island and city are filled with history (dating back some 5000 years) and mythology. According to legend Naxos is the location where Ariadne was abandoned by Theseus. Here she met Dionysus the Greek god of wine.

Amongst the remains to be explored in Naxos is the Venetian castle from 1260 sitting at the top of the hill. Today the castle contains a school cared for by Ursuline nuns. Several ancient Venetian palaces are scattered around the town. Barrozi palace and Sommaripa palace are the most impressive. Whilst strolling around Chora Naxos you will come across the church of St. Mary dating back to the 13th century. The Church of Panagia Mirtidiotisa is located near the port in the sea. Excavations have been made near the city's main Orthodox Church, revealing Hellenistic stoas and other relics of Cycladic culture.

Renowned in Chora Naxos is the Portara also called Palatia, Church of Ariadne or the Temple of Apollo. This magnificent structure has been standing for many thousands of years. Pay a visit to the Museum of Chora Naxos. Inside you can explore Naxos' past throughout the ages. Examine Cycladic idols from 3000 BCE, pottery and stone vessels from various eras as well as several grand statues. In the Museum's courtyard you can observe interesting stone carvings of the Venetian's coat of arms as well as the amazing mosaic featuring Europa and the bull.

Bring along a good pair of walking shoes as all of the sights in Chora Naxos are in walking distance. Take a stroll back in time in the Old Town and stop in at a little taverna for a break. When purchasing gifts, consider a piece of jewelry containing the beautiful and unique Naxos Eye.

A large host of cultural and social activities take place in Naxos in summer. Check out the music festivals, sports competitions, theatre shows and weaving exhibitions. Naxos also has many lovely beaches to visit, where you can soak up the sun and enjoy a swim in the cool waters.

There are numerous lovely hotels in Naxos. Naxos' hotels offer stunning views and high-grade facilities. Why not hire a car in Naxos town and make day trips to surrounding villages and beaches. Find out about car hire in Naxos online.

Greece's Naxos is an island holiday adventure that will take you back in time whilst you enjoy the absolute beauty of the sun-drenched beaches.


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