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Explore the fascinating island of Paros

A holiday filled with fascinating disoveries, sunny beaches and rich cultural experiences, that is what the island of Paros offers its visitors. Paros consists of a 800m high mountain which slopes down to a gentle plain.

The rock of Paros is mostly marble which has made the island famous throughout the centuries. This white and translucent coarse-grained marble brought great wealth to Paros. In the north you will find the acclaimed quarries. Exporting of the marble began in the 6th century and was popular amongst the Greek sculptors. The marble was named Lychnites or Lychneus (from Ivchnos meaning lamp) as it had to be mined by lamplight. At the opening of one of the quarry tunnels is a low relief of Pan and the Nymphs.

Paros' capital is situated on the north-west side and is called Parikia. Only small boats can enter the harbor as there are many rocks about. As you enter the town you will be captivated by a panoramic view of Italian styled houses with lovely gardens filled with oranges and pomegranates. The remnants of a Frankish castle, Kástro stand out upon the rock beside the sea. Dating back to 1260 the castle incorporates a tower as well as a chapel. Also seen at the castle are the foundations of a temple from 530 BCE as well as the ruins of ancient houses. In the primary square is the church of Ekatontapiliani. About 1 600 years old it is believed that it was established by Emperor Constantine's mother, Saint Helen.

Other fascinating sights can be found dotted around Paros. The Archaeological Museum displays the Parian Chronicle - a chronological table from 1581 BCE to 264 BCE. Butterfly valley is a gorgeous natural escape and you'll have so much fun riding a donkey from the main road. The Cave of Antiparos is awe-inspiring, with well-formed stalactites and stalagmites.

Besides sightseeing there are plenty of activities to engage in Paros. Have a good time on the water whilst sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, sea kayaking, diving and more. Revel in a fast-paced canter across the sandy shores. Join in various workshops and learn to do traditional dancing, yoga, painting and sailing.

There is a fantastic selection of accommodation in Paros. Hotels, guest-houses, Bed-and-Breakfasts and apartments. Paros' hotels offer fantastic service and a wide range of facilities. If you are planning on staying for a week or so, why not hire an apartment in Paros. You may be interested in car hire in Paros, to get around to the different beaches and villages. Find out about car hire in Paros online or through the tourist office. Organize a flight to Paros through your travel agent. You can also find good deals on flights to Paros online.

Paros is a Greek island holiday dream. A place where you can delve into history, soak up the sun on the beach and enjoy fun-filled activities.


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