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The third largest city in Greece, Patra can be found on the south-west area of the country in Peloponnesos. It has a busy port from which you can get a regular car-ferry to and from Italy. It is also and important commercial center. To a visitor, Patra can be an ideal destination.

The area now known as Patra has been inhabited since 3 BC. The city of Patra itself was formed by the combining of three villages - Aroe, Antheia and Mesatis. The unification of the three Mycenaean villages came about when the three were invaded by an army under the command of a man named Patreas. The new colony established here took its' name from this man. For many years Patra was mostly a farming region but it later gained importance as a port. Patra has gone from strength to strength and today it stands as the proud and gracious ancient city that it is.

Modern day Patra can be divided into two levels - the upper and lower parts of the city. The upper part is the older of the two. It is more picturesque and has more historically orientated things to see and do. You might try taking a look at the square of Psila Alonia or the Georgiou I square. The Apollon theatre is a wonderful neoclassical structure, as is the Town Hall and the Justice Court. The Roman Odeon also makes for an interesting visit. It has been reconstructed in more modern times and is now used for open-air performances on a regular basis. The ruins of a Venetian Castle overlook the town. The site is most often used for a public garden nowadays.

Patras is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. It is also a place of Grecian culture and has been voted the European Capital of Culture for 2006. The city's infrastructure is fully developed and you will find no shortage of educational facilities, medical facilities and recreational facilities. Travel is mostly by car, air and rail.

What does Patra offer that you wont find in too many other places? If you're into extreme sports, Patra has ideal rock-climbing adventures on offer. There are a lot of limestone rock-faces surrounding the area which make very suitable rock-climbing surfaces. Many of the rock faces can be climbed by fairly inexperienced climbers. However, 7 and 8 grade (French grading system) surfaces can also be found. Why not take a walk on the wild side and try rock-climbing in Patra? You might just love every minute of it.


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