Transport in Greece

Getting around with Transport in Greece

By Plane

The domestic air service offered by Olympic Airways, has increased greatly. A simple 1 hour flight from Athens can get you to almost any Greek Island. Even in the low-season, remote destinations are serviced several times a week, while developed areas have several flights a day.

By Train

Greece has a number of international train routes that connect Athens, Larissa, and Thessaloniki to most European cities. Train service within Greece is however limited, and sometimes a little packed and uncomfortable and no lines go to the western coast. The new express, intercity trains, have air-conditioning, are a little more expensive and infrequent, but they are worth the wait and the price. Eurail passes are valid on all Greek trains.

By Bus

There are almost no buses running directly from any European city to Greece. Domestic bus services are extensive and cheap, but you should always check with an official source about the scheduled departures, as the posted schedules are often outdated.

By Ferry

By ferry is the most popular way to get to Greece from Italy. Boats travel from Brindisi, Italy to Corfu, Kephalonia and Patras. From Ancona, Italy to Corfu and Patras. Ferries also run from Greece to several points on the Turkish coast. There are frequent ferries to the Greek Islands, but their schedules are irregular and faulty information is common. There are however companies that offer hydrofoil services between the Islands at twice the cost and twice the speed as ferries.

By Car

Cars are a luxury in Greece, and public transportation is nonexistent after 7pm. Ferries charge a transport fee for cars. Rental agencies may quote low daily rates that exclude the 20% tax and damage insurance fees. You can expect to pay at least 20 - 40 Euros a day for car rental.

By Moped

A moped is a motorbike that can be pedaled or driven by a low-powered gasoline engine. Mopeds are great for exploring, but they also make you extremely vulnerable to the carelessness of other drivers, you should always wear a helmet for safety.


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