Travel to Hawaii in North America

Hawaii: Land of beautiful surf and exquisite culture

Hawaii is perhaps one of the most renowned island clusters of all time. And it is for good reason since this small piece of heaven has so much to offer. From giant waves and sunny beaches to lush rainforests and black-lava deserts, Hawaii is incredibly diverse. The beautiful islands of Hawaii which have been immortalized in Hollywood films are real and are even more vivid and delightful than you could have possibly imagined.

Most people will start a visit to this wonderful group of islands at the Big Island or the Island of Hawaii. The Big Island is the largest of all the islands and it is still growing. The Big Island was created by the eruptions of five volcanoes - one of which is still active. You may visit this volcano, Kilauea, and watch it erupt only a few feet away from you. The Big Island is considered to be the newest land on earth and at its heart you'll find the snow capped Mauna Kea, the world's tallest sea mountain. There is a little bit of everything here, like gold, black and green sandy beaches or glacial likes. There are tropical rainforests and alpine meadows all framed by sparkling waterfalls. The Big Island isn't everyone's cup of tea but it has a lot to offer and if you're willing to keep an open mind you might just find it to be a wonderful treasure.

Other interesting islands are that of Oahu and Molokai. Both were also made by volcanic eruptions but were established many thousands of years ago. Oahu offers a peaceful place away from the bustle of the world while Molokai seems to be trapped in time. Molokai is the least developed island in Hawaii and is therefore a great place to get some calm down and relax.

Hawaii is known by many for its world famous surf. But surfing amazing waves is not the only activity to be enjoyed here. You can fish, kayak, hike, dive, snorkel, swim, ride horses, cycle, play golf, star gaze or simply relax a while. Swimming with dolphins is another popular activity. Though some of the locals may seem aloof, others are very friendly and welcoming. Life here is slow-paced and cheerful.

Unfortunately fame has brought Hawaii its share of tourists which means there are a lot of tourist traps. These are not too difficult to avoid and simply require a little know-how to get around. Once you've escaped the racket, this corner of paradise is yours to explore.


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