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Discover the Beautiful town of Aiea in Hawaii

A relatively small town in Hawaii's Honolulu County, 'Aiea is located not far from the world-famous Pearl Harbor. 'Aiea is commonly divided into 'Aiea Bay, 'Aiea and 'Aiea Heights. When Hawaiians speak of 'Aiea, they are referring to the Bay which is made up of a large portion of the northern shore of Pearl Harbours East Loch. The beach along this stretch of coast is incredibly beautiful and therefore also very popular. It draws a number of visitors each year who enjoy touring the various stretches of beach that can be found in Hawaii.

'Aiea started life as a Hawaiian land division. The first real development of the area was that of a sugar cane plantation which was opened near the end of the 19th century. Some time later, a small town sprang up around the plantation. 'Aiea shot to fame during World War Two when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. During this time the 'Aiea hills became one of the best places for photographers to take pictures of the battle going on below.

After the war, the plantation was converted into a sugar refinery and a number of developers started trying to develop the town. Their efforts were largely successful and today, 'Aiea is a very important suburb of Honolulu. Today the Kamehameha Highway divides much of 'Aiea from Pearl Harbour. If you are travelling along this road and you look up above the town, you will see the ever-popular 'Aiea Heights running along a ridge above 'Aiea. Why not spend a day enjoying this quiet little part of Hawaii? You may just find it has more to offer than you bargained for.


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