Essential Travel Information for Hawaii

Essential Hawaii Travel Information

When to Go

Hawaii's weather remains pretty constant all year round. The high season for tourism in Hawaii is from middle December to March, when the hotel rates and the prices of just about everything else shoots up. The temperatures in all major coastal resorts very between a daily maximum of around 27°C to 30°C. Hawaii's rainfall season is from December to March, but most rainfall occurs on the mountaintops and it shouldn't affect or spoil your vacation.


Hawaii has a tropical climate, it is warm throughout the year with temperatures ranging between 20 to 30°C. The rainy season is between December to March, rain can be heavy in the mountains but elsewhere it is confined to short showers.

Health and Safety

There are no specific health risks associated with traveling in Hawaii. Medical facilities are superb, but fairly expensive. Only emergencies are treated without prior payment and treatment can be refused without evidence of insurance or proof of funds. Good medical insurance is recommended on your trip to Hawaii. There is no reason to fear for your life in Hawaii, the crime rate is fairly low, although there have been a increase in cases of petty theft and pickpockets, so you should avoid huge crowds and always be vigilant. Avoid wearing flashy clothes and jewelry, and always stick to well-lit streets and parking bays.

Visas and Passports

Citizens from the countries that are supported by the Visa Waiver Program do not a visa to visit Hawaii for stays of up to 90 days. Citizens of Canada may enter Hawaii without visas, they only need proof of residence. All visitors must have a valid passports that expires at least 6 months later than the scheduled end of their visit to Hawaii to enter Hawaii and to re-enter their own countries.

Money and Currency

The official currency unit of Hawaii is the US Dollar and is divided into 100 cents. Hawaii has two major banks, The Bank of Hawaii and the First Hawaiian Bank. Their office hours are from Mondays to Fridays 8:30 to 3:30 and until 6:00pm on Fridays, some branches are also open on Saturdays. Hawaii has an abundance of ATM machines, they accept most major credit cards. Tips are not included on the menus, a 15 - 20% tip is normal for good service.


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