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The area now known as 'Ewa really started life as a sugar cane mill. Not long after the 'Ewa Mill was established, the mill started to develop a number of residential villages around the mill so that it's employees would have somewhere to stay. This village took on the name of 'Ewa, after the mill from which it sprang. Well, the mill didn't last, but the village certainly did. Today 'Ewa village is one of Oahu's biggest suburban growth centres. It is commonly divided into 'Ewa Village, 'Ewa Gentry and 'Ewa Beach.

'Ewa village is located just inland from 'Ewa Beach. The main road through the village is Renton Road but Kapiolei Parkway will likely replace this sometime in the future. 'Ewa Villages can be found in the 'Ewa District in Honolulu County just twenty miles from downtown Honolulu. 'Ewa Village is seeing a lot of growth at the moment in the form of housing developments. One example of this is 'Ewa Gentry, a very large housing development which has claimed it's own place in the 'Ewa area.

Most visitors to 'Ewa will try to spend at least a little time at 'Ewa Beach. This attractive stretch of shoreline is a great place to relax and enjoy the many delights of the Pacific. There are also a few developments along the coast that you might enjoy. If you've been to Hawaii and seen all the sights, then try something different for your next trip and visit 'Ewa. You may be surprised by what you find!


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