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Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Lanai

Lanai City is located on the stunning Lanai Island, an island created by a dome-shaped volcano and unusually shaped by erosion. Most of the island is a plateau with the highest point being Lanaihale (1027m) and a crater basin to the south. Fondly called "Pineapple Island", Lanai's name means "day of conquest".

Lanai City was founded by the Dole Pineapple Company during the 1920s. Some 480m above sea level, Lanai City has a somewhat park-like feel due to the many Norfolk pines that were planted on the island. Lanai City is a bright blend of multi-colored houses with lovely flower and vegetable gardens. The small town has one main road called Lanai Avenue. Cavendish Golf Course is located in the north.

There are many fine attractions around Lanai City. Hike along the Munro Trail, or take a four-wheel drive, up to the apex of Lanaihale. Start the trek on road 440 which heads towards Shipwreck Beach. After 3km you will find a gravel path to the right, turn here. A further 1.5km on is another crossing where you turn left. At the next intersection turn right. Passing a number of ravines you will reach the crest. From this fantastic look-out you can see just about all of Hawaii's large islands as well as Maui's Haleakala Crater.

Lanai Island has many places to explore. One such attraction is the Garden of the Gods or Keahikawelo. In this unique garden lava formations and large colorful boulders have been uncovered through erosion. Stay here until sunset when the earth appears to glow - it's an awe-inspiring experience. The Luahiwa petroglyphs are fascinating. These interesting rock drawings include a variety of forms and symbols including circles, human shapes, barking dogs and men on horseback. It is rather a difficult route to the petroglyphs and will require the use of a four-wheel drive vehicle. Shipwreck beach is another must. Strong winds have forced several ships to break apart on the reef. You can see the hull of a Liberty freighter used during World War Two on the beach.

At the end of the day you may wish to enjoy a meal at one of Lanai City's restaurants. Lanai City's restaurants have a cozy romantic atmosphere and serve up a delicious selection of dishes. Planning on doing some shopping? Lanai City does not disappoint. From markets to a shopping center and boutiques, shopping in Lanai City is a dream. There are two grand 5-star hotels in Lanai City. Even if your budget is a bit limited there are a few other hotels in Lanai City that will fit your needs. There are no direct international flights to Lanai. You can however book a flight to Lanai on a small plane from one of the larger islands.

Lanai is an island holiday paradise, filled with fun adventures and astounding natural beauty.


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