Travel to Maui in Hawaii

Discover the island of Maui, Hawaii

When viewed from above, the island of Maui looks like the head and torso of a man. The head or western sides, is the older half of the island. Both halves of the island were formed by the eruptions of two giant shield volcanoes many thousands of years ago. Today the eruptions have ceased and the island is a lovely and enjoyable destination.

The island is named after the demi-god Maui, who supposedly gave fire to humans after stealing it from its supernatural guardians and who, it is said, pulled the islands of the pacific out of the water. The demi-god Maui is so well renowned that he is known all over the region - in Tonga, the Marquesas, the Society Islands and of course, Hawaii. He is the only deity in Polynesia to have an island named after him. And what a lovely island it is!

Today Maui is characterized by valleys and crags instead of two very large volcanic mountains. This is due to eruptions, stream erosion and soil collapse that have completely changed the islands surface over time. Today, this rough terrain has given Maui the nickname "The Valley Isle". The varied landscape has slowly brought about a wonderfully diverse society. In central Maui in the town of Kahului, you'll find the island's business center. Beaches and hotels characterize Kaanapali and Lahaina is known for its whaling history. Bed and breakfasts and rental homes abound for your own enjoyment on the north shore of the island while Haleakala has the largest dormant volcano in the world. This volcano is expected to erupt sometime during the next 200 years.

So why not come to Maui and enjoy its beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife and lush vegetation for yourself? You can relax in the tropical sunshine as the peace and tranquility of your surroundings soothe your mind and body. Whale watching is another popular activity since a variety of whales shelter in the underwater valleys during winter to birth. The air virtually always warm and the days are mostly sunny, so Maui is a great choice for a sunny destination spot.


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