Travel to Molokai in Hawaii

Discover the Friendly Island of Molokai

Molokai, the "Friendly Island", is an island of fascination with a great diversity of geographical features. Forming from three volcanoes, Molokai is distinctly divided into three sections. Puu Nana the oldest volcano is located in the west. In the east is Kamakou. A much smaller volcano formed Kalaupapa Peninsula.

Landscape along the south coast is somewhat flat with many coral reefs in the sea. The west consists more of rolling ground whilst the east is more like other islands with valleys and hills. The climate in the east gets more rain resulting in lush rain forest while the west of Molokai is drier and used for growing pineapples and as pasturage.

Tourism has grown rather slowly on Molokai and thus it has retained much of its natural character. Of the few hotels in Molokai, the most popular is the Kaluakoi Resort Hotel with a golf course and many other excellent facilities.

Molokai is a quiet island and lacks the bustle of more commercialized holiday destinations. No major shopping centers exist so shopping in Molokai is done at small shops in some of the villages. Don't think that it is dull though. There are many magnificent places to visit and things to see.

The splendid Halawa Valley, though not easily accessed, is a must. To reach the valley travel along road 450. As you journey you will come across a view-point where you can gaze out at the breath-taking landscape. It is likely that the first inhabitants of the island lived in Halawa Valley. Evidence of this is seen in the remnants of early settlements. Two temples called Mana Heiau and Papa Heiau have been found here. Halawa has a beach but be careful when swimming as high waves make the water treacherous.

Following road 470 you will arrive at the Kalauppa Lookout which provides a stunning panoramic view of the Kalaupapa Peninsula. Information boards describe how this section of the Molokai was a leper colony. After 1969 it was no longer an official leper colony but became a national park. Interestingly a few lepers still live in the park. The small colony gains a modest income through tourism. You can only access the peninsula through a guided tour. On the tour you will be taken to see the 19th century churches, several memorials, former leper houses, cemeteries, a museum, parks and the black lava coastline.

There are many other places of interest in Molokai, in fact, too many to mention. Molokai's restaurants offer a fantastic variety of cuisine. Most of the restaurants in Molokai are located at the main town and important villages. As already mentioned there is a somewhat limited selection of hotels in Molokai, but you can be sure that they offer great service and comfortable accommodation.

Molokai is the perfect island to visit if you are in the mood to relax and revive in amongst unimaginable beauty.


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