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Known to be one of the best small cities in the world, Amsterdam has a lot to offer. With museums, historical sights and an extensive canal system, this city is both beautiful and entertaining. It is a place where you will find tolerance and diversity, a place where creativity flows free.

Founded on a dam on the river Amstel, this unusual city has had an interesting history. Its first big growth period came during the reformation when religious refugees fled Antwerp. In the seventeenth century the city became the center of a trading Empire and it was expanded in a mesh of canals - many of which are still in use today. A decade later, the city started to fall into a decline until it became a focus for fashion in the 1960s. Today, Amsterdam is a welcoming place where youths feel at home and there are never many cars on the road. Here you will find all the conveniences of a big city but with the quiet culture and interesting entertainment that is uniquely Amsterdam.

Though navigating the canal system might be confusing initially, you will soon find your way around this small city. At the medieval core of the city you will find very busy shops, bars and restaurants. The nineteenth century Centraal Station is definitely worth seeing in the summer, when it comes alive with street performances which take place in amidst trams and markets. Not too far away, off Damrak, you will find the infamous Red-Light District. This seedy display of legalized prostitution usually shocks most tourists, but at the same time a strangely festive atmosphere hangs over it all.

Amsterdam is also famous for its museums. The Rijksmuseum Holland's biggest and finest. With over 400 employees and 45 specialized curators, the displays are well researched and show off some of the finest and best pieces in the country. The Van Gogh Museum showcases some of this brilliant artist's masterpieces while the Stedelijk Museum has a wide variety of modern masterpieces on view. Works by Picasso, Mondriaan, Monet and C├ęzanne can be found here. As if this weren't enough, there are a further fifty or so more museums to be enjoyed in Amsterdam.

Another popular attraction is in Amsterdam is the coffee shops. Besides selling great refreshments, many of the coffee shops are licensed to sell cannabis which is legalized but regulated in the city. If you are that way inclined, you can sit back and relax with your cup of coffee and your five grams of cannabis after a hard days sightseeing in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


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