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Arnhem, located in the east of Holland beside the Lower Rhine, is the capital of the province of Gelderland. The city is best known for the Battle of Arnhem which took place here in 1944 and 1945. Today, Arnhem is a popular tourist destination with a great historical heritage and many interesting things to see and do. Excellent accommodation in Arnhem rounds off a fantastic vacation here.

Arnhem had its beginnings in 1233 when it was declared a city bey Otto II, the count of Guelders. Through the years Arnhem came into the possession of various rulerships and nations. By the 1800s Arnhem had become a quiet resort town, popular because of its stunning beauty. The city became fondly known as "The little Hague of the East".

Arnhem featured in World War Two during the Battle of Arnhem. In September 1944 Operation Market Garden went into action whereby divisions of the British and Polish forces were commanded to guard the bridge in Arnhem. The units assigned here were parachuted in, however many did not reach the destination. Members of the British 1st Airborne Division who were able to get to the bridge could not secure it on both sides. By 21 September the bridge was surrendered. In April 1945 there was another battle of Arnhem during which the city was freed by the Canadian forces. The bridge in Arnhem has been named 'John Frost bridge' which has been reconstructed.

There are many memorials and monuments in Arnhem dedicated to the forces involved in the battle. Several other attractions can also be explored in Arnhem. St. Eusebius Church also known as the Groote Kerk was constructed between 1452 and 1560. Much of the tower had to be reconstructed after the 2nd World War. The Duivelshuis was originally the home of General Maarten van Rossum. As of 1830 it has been used as the town hall. Sabelspoort is the remaining of four gates in Arnhem. It was also used as a prison where Karel van Egmond had many people imprisoned whether they were guilty or not. Arnhem's National Heritage Museum is an open air museum which features numerous houses, factories and farms.

Arnhem has a great tourist infrastructure. A well-operated trolleybus system provides transport through the city and the railway connects the city to other locations. Accommodation in Arnhem varies from budget hotels to exquisite luxury hotels in Arnhem. Why not book into one of Arnhem's hotels using's secure booking facility.

Arnhem with its fascinating history and stunning natural areas is a must when visiting Holland. Be sure to stop over in this great city for a few days.


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