Sights and Attractions in Holland

Don't miss these Holland attractions

The Red Light District

No trip to Holland would be complete without witnessing the notorious spectacle that is the Red Light District. After dark the area actually takes on a red radiance - sex theaters throw open their doors and the main streets are thick with people gawking at the unabashed openness of the window prostitutes. The Casa's marble penis fountain across from the theater is the Red Light District's most recognizable landmark.


Leidseplein proper is a crush of street musicians, blaring neon-lights, and open-air urinals. Daytime finds the square packed with shoppers, smokers, and drinkers lining the sidewalks around the square. When the night falls, tourists and locals emerge in packs of skin-tight jeans and greased-downed hair.

Heineken Experience

Beer is not made in the Heineken Brewery but plenty is served. The factory stopped producing here in 1988 and has turned the place into an amusement park devoted to their green-bottled beer. In the 'Experience' visitors guide themselves past holograms, virtual reality machines, and other multimedia treats. A visit includes three beers and a souvenir glass.


Rembrandtplein actually consist of a grass rectangle surrounded by scattered flowerbeds. A bronze likeness of the famous master Rembrandt van Rijn overlooks the scene, but it's what surrounds the greenery that makes the neighborhood unforgettable. Litters of bars and caf├ęs are all packed with lively night owls. In the evening Rembrandtplein competes with Leidseplein for Amsterdam's hippest nightlife, with a concentration of gay hotspots.

Van Gogh Museum

This architecturally breathtaking museum houses the largest collection of van Gogh's in the world and a diverse group of 19th-century paintings by contemporaries like Gaugin and friend Emile Bernard. Don't miss the substantial collection of Impressionist, post-Impressionist, Realist and Symbolist art.

Cannabis College

This center for 'higher' education offers info on everything from the uses of medicinal marijuana to facts about the War on Drugs to the creative applications of industrial hemp. If its weed that interests you this is the right place to come to.


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