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A picturesque country with even more picturesque cities, Holland is quite a popular tourist destination. Holland has many interesting historical and cultural tourist attractions and many of it's cities are quite renowned. Holland holidays are usually filled with sightseeing and touring and Holland hotels can be quite fully booked during the holiday season. For this reason it is usually a good idea to book your flight to Holland as well as your accommodation well in advance before you travel to Holland.

Amsterdam is well reputed to be one of the best small cities in the world. Filled with museums, galleries and historical attractions the city has a lot to offer. It is also beautiful and quite unique as it makes use of an extensive canal system for roads. Amsterdam has many of the conveniences of a big city so you can be sure to enjoy plenty of shopping and entertainment. This small city also enjoys a sort of quietness that is much more enjoyable than the fast paces of bigger cities. In summer the streets come alive with open air performances and festivals. The infamous Red-Light District is a cultural shock to many but well worth a visit. Amsterdam is also world-famous for it's relaxed laws on the use of cannabis which can be bought quite legally at most coffee shops.

The next city worth visiting is Maastricht, one of the oldest in the Netherlands. It has been around since the area was under Roman rule and so has a lot of interesting historical attractions to offer. It also has a regular supply of indoor and outdoor displays of music, dance and theater and festivals are held regularly. For those seeking some leisure time, there are a number of great gardens and parks which can be enjoyed. Quite opposite to Maastricht and Amsterdam is Rotterdam. Home to the world's busiest and biggest ocean harbor, Rotterdam is a hive of activity. Besides being quite large it is also quite different from other Dutch cities in that it is quite modern. Much of Rotterdam was destroyed in the Second World War and as a result, the city was rebuilt and expanded in a more modern style. Two older sections still survive so you can still get a sense of what the city would have felt like in the past. Being a modern city, it has all the modern conveniences a person could want. Shopping, restaurants and many other enjoyable activities abound.

A trip to Holland would not be quite right without a visit to all three cities. Each presents a distinctly different facet of Holland's culture and together, all three cities present a much clearer picture of what life in Holland is really all about.


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