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Holland's cuisine tends to be ungarnished, hearty, wholesome varieties. Some perfect examples of traditional Dutch meals are erwtensoep, a thick pea soup cooked with either ham or sausage that provides inner warmth against the cold winters of Holland. This soup is filling enough to be a meal by itself. Hutspot is similar to hotchpotch or stew, it is a potato-based dish with added vegetables and meat.

A traditional Dutch daily eating pattern consists of two cold meals and one hot meal. In between meals they will generally eat fruit, a candy bar or chocolate, liquorice or snacks like biscuits or cakes. Bread is a very important ingredient in a everyday Dutch diet, as they consume mostly bread for breakfast and lunch.

Meals in Holland are also adjusted to the seasons. For example, common dishes in the winter are filling bean or pea soups, pancakes, or potatoes mashed with curly kale or sauerkraut, whereas salads are mostly prepared in the summer.

A Dutch dinner will usually begin with a soup, followed by the main meal which will usually consist of boiled potatoes, vegetables and cooked meat or fish. Rice, pasta or maize is often served in addition to potatoes. Dessert usually consists of natural yoghurt, cold custard or fruit.

The Dutch usually eat more extravagant luxury meals on weekends. On Sundays they will usually have a late morning brunch that consists of bread with cold meats and cheeses. And then they will consume their main meal in the evenings, which will consist of cooked meat, vegetables and potato or rice and gravy.

The Dutch are very fond of their beer, unique to other countries they prefer drinking their beer at room temperature rather than ice-cold. They also like drinking "Jenever" - a gin, a fiery, colorless spirit distilled from either grain or malt. Jenever is served ice-cold and drunk neat, without any mixer or even ice. The Dutch also makes some very good liqueurs, such as Curacao and Triple Sec. A liqueur is usually drunk after a meal. Wines from all over the world are also available in Holland.

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