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Discover the wonderful city of Doetinchem in Holland

Doetinchem is situated on the Oude Ijssel River in the east of Holland. This is a city with an extensive history and many fascinating attractions. Holland's Doetinchem Gemeente is a great stopover when traveling through the country.

Archaeological evidence shows that the area known as Doetinchem has been inhabited for thousands of years. Civilizations which have been in the area include Celtic and Germanic tribes as well as the Normans. Doetinchem has been mentioned in documents dating back to 838 and 887 AD.

From 1100 Doetinchem began to develop, but was often hampered by plunderers and so a town wall was constructed. Count Otto II declared Doetinchem a town in 1236. Throughout the years Doetinchem developed greater defenses, however the city was still besieged numerous times. The wall was removed in 1672. Despite the many problems the city faced, after World War Two it went from strength to strength.

Doetinchem's vast history has left behind several relics. St. Catherine's Church in the city's central square was badly damaged during the 2nd World War but was restored between 1948 and 1963. Used by the Roman Catholic's at first it was later converted into a Dutch Reformed Church. Doetinchem has two castles, namely: Slangenburg and De Kelder. Three windmills are seen in this fascinating city. Walmolen wherein visitors can make inquiries at the tourist office. The Aurora mill is located in Dichteren and to the east is Benninkmolen.

Doetinchem has a well-developed infrastructure and tourists will be pleased with the lovely accommodation in Doetinchem. Public transport includes the rail service as well as buses. Doetinchem's accommodation varies and visitors can find a hotel to suit their needs and budget. Why not book your hotel room in Doetinchem using the secure online booking facility.

When visiting Holland, be sure to include Doetinchem on your itinerary.


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